Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This and that

Here's what we are up to these days:

- having just gotten through our SF trip, Vic and I began plans on our summer holidays. It sounds a bit crazy, but if we don't get on it, finding accomodations can be tough. We have decided after much debate (between Alberta and returning to Vancouver Island) to head down to Cannon Beach in Oregon. Hotel is booked and we are heading down end of July (driving). Neither one of us has seen the Oregon coast so we are excited.

- I need new prescription sunglasses. I have a pair of prescription sunglasses for everyday wear that I have had for 4 years, but I need a pair for running and doing activities. My prescription (which is pretty strong) limits me to certain frames. I was in the eyeglasses place for 45 minutes today, and still no go. They have some new styles that are coming in this week, so fingers crossed that one of them works for me.

- Sophie has her year end piano recital this Saturday. She has an extra lesson on Thursday to help prepare her for it, so all should go well. I can really hear the improvement in her abilities over this time last year.

- Fynn played soccer tonight in spite of the rain that hit our area. Only 4 boys on his team showed up, so they scrimmaged against the 5 or so kids on the other team. Fynn is a die-hard!

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