Wednesday, May 29, 2013

growing up

Keeping track of the kids is an almost full time administrative job.

Sophie seems to have an ever expanding social life. I came in from my walk tonight to find Vic picking up a phone message that was left by one of Sophie's friends Erika. Erika was requesting a playdate with Sophie for tomorrow. So, I phoned Linda her mom and made the arrangements. Sophie will walk home with Erika after school and then Vic or I will pick her up on our way home from work.

Fynn at the same time announced that he wants to have a playdate with his friend Max. Not one to be left out, is he? So, not having Max's mom's number, I emailed her and now we are working on something for after school next week.

In addition to all of this, we are beginning the process of transitioning Sophie out of after school daycare. The process has actually been happening for a couple of months. Ever since spring break she has becoming more and more independent. She is able to walk home (with a group of other kids that live close by) and then is able to let herself into the house (she has our house code). She promptly phones me when she is home and then plays for a bit and is allowed to watch a little TV. Part of the deal is that she needs to ensure she gets Fynn on the right bus before she starts her walk home. So far, the situation has been working out really well.

Come summer (July), she will have a week in summer camp and then a week of family holidays. The remaining two weeks I need to fill up with activities, as I wouldn't feel comfortable with her home alone all day. A couple of hours is one thing, but not a whole day. I have also been taking Friday off lately, so that takes up one day.

During August, we have arranged for our teen-age babysitter Katrina to watch the kids 4 days a week. They are both very excited about that, as Katrina is "fun".

Daycare has been a huge part of Sophie's life since she was one year old. It has been a warm, loving place where she received great care and had lots of fun. She's just growing up and needs to be doing her own thing now.


On another note, here is a photo of Fynn playing the part of a tree for his French play today. He did have a speaking part, too.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I know what you mean.
I have started leaving Evan home alone for short periods of time as well. And he really does ok for a really short period. But all day would be too much for him, too.
I think I would come home, find he hadn't eaten at all and played Minecraft on the computer all day :)