Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Weekend Lens

On Saturday we did a few chores around the house, including yardwork. Vic rented a roto-tiller and did our vegetable bed and a few other areas that he hopes to do some planting in this year.

Sophie's friend Hunter spent Friday night at our house and then we took it easy for the rest of the day as Sophie had a sore throat -- which hopefully is not strep but I had her throat swabbed at the clinic just to be sure.

On Sunday our adventure was a day trip to Kamloops. We went to the Kamloops Aquatic Centre which was really a nice surprise. It is a big facility with a full indoor track, several gyms, a gymnastics area and a full regulation size pool. It also had a water slide, a smaller Pelican slide that Fynn enjoyed and a small lazy river. The pool was nice and warm so I was quite alright to stay in the water awhile.

After that we drove around and looked at some of the older neighbourhoods for fun -- Vic and I both love looking at well kept older buildings. The Old Courthouse in Kamloops is a gem. We also accidentally discovered the Chinese Cemetary which was in use until the 1970s. It is small but well maintained and tells an interesting story about the Chinese workers who died helping establish the railway.

Kamloops is only a little over an hour away from us, and while we don't get there too often, when we do, we are always surprised at discovering interesting things to see/do.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

sounds like a lovely weekend :)