Sunday, February 03, 2013

Mind over matter

This Saturday evening we drove up to Silver Star with our friends Bryan and Patti. The kids had a sleep over at Heather's house (one of our daycare ladies). They were very excited!

We had tickets to ride the ski cat to the back side and go to the Paradise Camp restaurant for dinner. It was a new adventure riding the cat. Very bumpy but kind of exciting too (it reminded me of the cat from the Shining movie), but much more friendlier.

We had a delicious dinner and then were transported down via the ski cat back to our hotel at the Bulldog.

We skied for over 3 hours this morning. Lots of fun and beautiful blue skies.

While we were on the back side of the mountain I asked Bryan if there were any "easier" black diamond runs. I really wanted to push myself and it has been over 20 years at least since I had tried a black (and back then it was not a pretty sight). We did the Bon Diablo run twice which was a groomed black diamond. My first time down I was a bit nervous, but by the second run I was feeling much better and I would do it again. The tricks are: DO NOT LOOK DOWN, OUT, OR UP and then just tell yourself to ski one turn at a time, just like every other run.

One turn.....

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Looks like so much fun! :)
And a great weekend away!