Monday, November 05, 2012

The Weekend Lens

This past weekend, we went down to Vancouver for Vic's cousin's little new baby's baptism. Little Mathilda is extremely cute, especially in her christening gown.

Vancouver was a bit quieter than the usual busyness of the summer months, so it was nice to not have to contend with lineups. We took the kids to HR McMillian Planetarium, which was good and really educational. Fynn also made friends with a little bulldog that was outside of Scoozi's where we had breakfast before the baptism service.

In other news, Fynn took a spill as he was running through the lobby of the Westin Bayshore this morning and knock his front tooth. It is loose, however, when we got home we took him to the dentist who thinks it may tighten up on its own. If it doesn't do so by Friday, she is going to put a bit of bonding on it to hold it in place as a bit of a brace.

Never a dull moment.

Sophie had her first class of her fall swimming lesson session (Level 5) and her piano lesson tonight.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Ouch! Glad his tooth is ok!