Tuesday, November 27, 2012


It seems every few months I re-evaluate things and see how many balls I should have in the air. I juggle many balls and some have different kinds of weight than others: work, kids, family, volunteer work, fitness, this blog. Sometimes I need to put a few of the balls down for a while. Last week I put the ball of being the Vice President for Shuswap Daycare down. I had been on the board for 8 years and it was time to step down and let someone else step up.

It feels good to have one less ball.


In other news: After a short audition last week at school, Sophie was selected along with 3 other girls to do a "solo" in the Christmas concert for her school. Any musical inclination or talent she has is seriously coming through Vic's side of the family.

I am 80% done my Christmas shopping and my Christmas cards are ready to be mailed. My achilles heel will undoubtedly be the wrapping. I hate wrapping.

The kids received their responses from Santa today. Fun!

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I agree that sometimes it feels good to have one less responsibility. But it can be hard to let go :) At least that is what I struggle with at times.

Congratulations to Sophie :)