Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vacation Wrap up

It was appropriate today on our way home from vacation that Stuart MacLean and Cross Country Check up on the CBC were discussing summer vacations.

We travelled from Salmon Arm down to Vancouver, crossed the Strait of Georgia by ferry and landed in Nanaimo. From there we travelled about 20 minutes to Parksville where we stayed at the Beach Club Resort for 4 nights. We then headed down to Victoria where we stayed at the Ocean Point Resort for 2 nights, followed by a trip back into the interior of the province where we stayed for 2 nights in Oliver.

In between, we went to the biggest museum in BC and a small but well curated one in Parksville, visited with relatives (the kids saw 3 of their 5 cousins), went to Butterfly World, the Butchart Gardens, and swam in 3 different pools and the ocean. We hiked in a provincial park and sat in the sand on the seashore. We saw a sand castle competition and took a walk through Chinatown in Victoria. We had ice cream on the harbour in Nanaimo and slurpies on the boardwalk in Parksville.

It was a great week with amazing weather -- which made it all that much better.

The only downside was finding out that my credit card number had been compromised (stolen)and I had two fraudulent charges for Groupon and iTunes. Luckily MasterCard is on top of these things and phoned me when we got home. My card has been cancelled and after I sign an affadavit the charges will be reversed. Not the nicest thing to come home to.

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