Sunday, July 08, 2012

Summer Camp

On Sunday we dropped Sophie off at summer camp for 5 days of camp adventure. She is very excited about spending the whole week at camp (last year she did one night at Gardom Lake) but she is now old enough to do the longer camps. She has signed up for horsemanship, swimming, canoeing and arts/crafts.

She is in the same cabin as her buddy Hunter which appears to be new and still has the lumber wrap on the outside of the building.

It will be a quiet week with just one munchkin. Fynn is going to enjoy some "Fynn time" and is happily at play with my Easter decorations right now. He is really into birds and is playing with my little Easter chicks. He is so into

birds that he requested I asked the reference librarian at the library this Friday for a book on birds. Birds, Nests and Eggs is a good one for a budding naturalist.

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