Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update on Goals

For 2012, I set some personal goals. Here is an update on where I am at with them so far:

1. Read to Fynn daily. We don't read daily, but I would say every second night we do some reading together. He is also the kind of kid who will pick up a book and look at the pictures himself, so he is showing great interest in books.
2. Have a family walk or bike ride (when weather is warmer) once a week. I would say we are doing a good job with this. With Fynn able to ride his bike now on his own, this is much more doable. We take the kids down to the waterfront and let them go.
3. Do more art with Sophie. I haven't been too successful with this.
4. Volunteer once before the end of the school year at Sophie’s school. I did one activity earlier this year where I brought my friend Patti in to speak to the kids about her trip to China. I would love to do a field trip with Sophie's class but so far it hasn't happened yet.
5. Set weekly date nights with Vic. Vic and I manage this so-so. We did go to the LobsterFest this past Saturday, so that does count as a "date." I would love for us to take in more movies together. We both enjoy that.

1. Exercise everyday. Yes, I would say I am 99% successful with this. Doing a fair bit of running right now.
2. Find a trainer so I can add basic weight-training and strength exercises weekly. This has not happened - not sure if it will. I do some strength training during my group fitness classes on Mondays.
3. Drink at least two glasses of water a day. I try to rememeber this, but it is a struggle.
4. Get minimum 7hours of sleep every night and 8 on the weekends. Yes!
5. Only 1-2 lattes per week (I am allowed a Tim’s each workday however). This has become a bit more of a challenge for me lately, since Salmon Arm just got its first Starbucks!

I have some work goals that I am working on formulating still, so I won’t post here.

1. Complete one scrapbook layout a month. While I can't say I have done 1 per month, I do have one in the planning stages that I want to complete for Sophie's ballet work.
2. Learn how to take some photos with my new micro lens . Enrol in a Shutter Sisters class. Have not done this, but have taken some shots with the micro/macro.

1. Travel has become an important area of focus for Vic and I over the past few years. We are now officially “middle aged” and we are much more aware that we need to make opportunities for travel to happen rather than putting them off.
2. A trip for Vic and I to Amsterdam. While we did not go to Amsterdam, we did take a trip to Ottawa in May!
3. A fun family trip with my extended family to Disneyland in the fall. Yes, we have the airline flights booked for this.
4. A spring break trip to Vancouver Island. We did not do this because we were sick, but we did got to Vancouver.
5. A trip to Barkerville in the summer with our friends Bryan and Patti. The kids will love it. We can't see this happening. Fynn is just too young to take on such a long car ride.

1. Read a book every two weeks. Continue to request / order books from the library to ensure I am reading what I want and not leaving my selections to chance. Definitely doing this. I joined a book club so it has made this completely doable and very fun!

1. Take one class non work related locally. Don’t know what about yet. Nothing to report here.

Community (This is a particularly hard one for me.)
1. Continue to go out for breakfast on Fridays with Vic, Bryan and Patti. Yes!
2. Make a coffee date with Kim (1 per quarter). This hasn't really happened.
3. Leave comments on blogs I read once a week. I try to do this when I can.

1. Work on (work in progress) making the front study/piano/sitting room homier. Art work, a carpet/rug. We did hang a great piece of photographic art in our study / piano room. It is feeling much homier.
2. Locate and purchase a carpet/rug for our bedroom. Yes, a new chocolate brown rug was purchased a couple of months ago.
3. Art for kids play area. Nothing to report in this area.

That is it for now. I really like keeping track of progress towards goals and priorities. It is great to see how far I have come this year and where I still need to do some work.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

You know, Sheri, you have done really well with your goals! That list is pretty long :)
It's pretty inspiring, too!

I would love to do a family bike ride once a week now that I finally have a bike! I think that is definitely one I am going to try for :)