Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Weekend Lens

It's been a busy few days.
Vic and I made it up to Silver Star for ski day #8 on Thursday. So happy that we went since the snow was nice and soft and we had a great time.

I erroneously sewed Sophie's ballet ribbons on the wrong way (I had the dull side of the ribbons facing out) so I needed to resew those yesterday. She has been doing a few extra ballet classes in preparation for her exam this Friday. She and Fynn also got interested in sewing when I brought out my sewing machine.

Sophie's activities continue to keep me busy. She had a birthday party today. Tomorrow I am working on getting a study date arranged with her and another little girl in her class to work on the homework their teacher sent home with them due to the teacher's strike.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

The only thing I will really be able to teach my kids about sewing is how to sew on a button, fix a hole in socks, or fix a seam. I am not much of a sewer but often think it would come in handy.