Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Meet Patient Zero

We think this little guy brought this nasty bug into our house. Granted, he got it from somewhere, but we have been trying to see some humour in all of this and Vic and I have named him our little "patient zero". The primary source or origination of our suffering. Vic is home from the hospital today, weak but happy to be home. I am on my 3rd pill of a fairly strong antibiotic that hopefully will knock this nasty little lung infection back. I started to feel somewhat better last night when the ER gave me a double dose of the medicine. By the time I got home from the hospital visit, I could start to feel something working. What drives me nuts about being sick: - I have no desire for coffee. Maybe that is a good thing. - Prescription fees. Thank goodness for my work plan. - Not working out. I think that might bug Vic more than me. - People asking me why I am at work. Fair question. I likely should be getting complete 100% rest at home. I did take all day Monday and part of Tuesday off. Today I went in but really took it easy. It is hard for me to not be at work, simple as that I guess. I am not infecting people -- I am well beyond any point of contagion. I generally hole up in my office and can be relatively isolated.
What is interesting or good about being sick: - Sophie is being very sweet to mom. - Hearing other people's stories about their own pneumonia episode. Everyone seems to have one. Bonding time. - Not spending money on eating out. We have cut way back. No appetite, no eating out! - Not going too far away from home. Just hanging out and relaxing.

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