Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Flu

Vic, Fynn and I have been battling one of the nastiest flu viruses around. It started with Fynn well over a week ago. He got a bad cough that would not go away and a stuffed nose. We took him to the doctor last weekend when we were concerned about his trouble breathing. He was given a prescription for his lungs. Apart from the occasional cough he is basically back to normal. On Saturday night last week, I came down with his symptoms. I fought it all week and would go to work but after a disastrous day on Tuesday when I needed to be at work but was drenched in sweat most of the day, I took Wednesday morning off. Felt a bit better Wednesday afternoon, enough that I could go back into work. Thursday was okay. I should say by this time, Vic had come down with it too. Thursday afternoon I got a call from Sophie's school saying she needed to be picked up because of a sore throat. Vic took her into the doctor's and she was disagnosed with strep throat. On medication for that. We medicated her with Advil so she could do her Friday a.m. ballet exam but that has been it for her. The flu and strep seems to have gotten her now too. I was back at work on Friday after Sophie's exam for a couple of hours, intent on us heading to Oliver to visit our relatives. We had our bags packed. By 1pm, I was shaking, feverish - almost exactly back to how I started. I barely could drive home. I got home and told
Vic there was no way we could go to Oliver. My shakes were so bad, I needed an electric blanket to keep me warm. Vic thought he was on the mend, as he tended to me and the kids. Late last night he woke up to the sames shakes, coughing, etc. So, he took the same turn that I did. Sophie is not well today. She has slept most of Saturday. Fynn has played inside with his cars and seems reasonably okay. I have made a run to the store for some groceries but that wiped me out and I ended up sleeping for two hours when I got home. We are all laying low tonight. Hoping that tomorrow is a better day. Sophie took this photo of me last night as I was recovering from the shakes.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Oh my goodness! I hope you all feel better soon. That sounds like a bad one.