Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Weekend Lens

On Saturday Vic and Fynn had some fun "smashing pumpkins." We had a bunch of our pumpkins that needed to start decomposing in our back garden, so out came the axe and a iittle bit of chopping. We joked that Fynn is claiming responsibility for the Pumpkin Day Massacre. (A little dark humour).

In the afternoon we dropped Sophie off at her Brownie sleepover camp. It was in one of the buildings down at the fairgrounds. Sophie had her bedroll (sleeping bag, tarp and foamie) all rolled up and ready to go, along with her kitchen bag (eating utensils). This was a trial run overnight trip for a two-day Christmas camp the girls are doing in Vernon closer to Christmas.

The girls had a great time. They went to the movies and saw Puss and Boots, played outside, had hot chocolate, did crafts and read books. The Brownie leaders love to stay busy so the girls are always doing things and earning badges.

We took Fynn down to Kelowna. We went to the new Bed, Bath and Beyond store too. The next time I need new towels or bedding, I will definitely check it out. Fynn got one of these (now he has no excuse to take Sophie's).

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