Thursday, November 03, 2011

My work

This is a photo I took of my computer screen this morning at work. I wanted to capture a moment in time at work, one of the many moments were I am looking at information on a screen. My computer is such an integral part of my work, when the power goes out, we all sit at our desks momentarily stunned because we are not connected to anything electronically.

I am not saying it is good or bad. I don't really try to pass judgements on technology. It is a tool, plain and simple.

I am in the middle of budgeting right now at work. Working with spreadsheets for my operating plan, staffing worksheets and training budgets. It is all good, all part of the process and cycle.

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Mary Jo said...

When I thought we were going to be without power this morning (electric company called to warn about some maintenance work) my first thought was "oh, no!" and panic set in.
And then I had to laugh at myself. So I went about preparing all the things I could and needed to get done without electricity. But it hasn't gone off so here I sit :)