Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Today's highlights

Today's highlights:

1.Sophie is enjoying her piano lessons. Jen is a good teacher and they are using some of the material from Music for Young Children and it seems to be resonating with Sophie. MFYC uses animal figures/names to help teach the various keys.

2. Zellers had rubber rain boots! Normally rubber boots wouldn't excite me but when Sophie got home from school and announced that she needed a pair for her field trip to Hanna's Orchard tomorrow, I had to find a pair -- pronto.

3. Fynn is having 40 minute melt downs in the morning. He doesn't want to wear pants to daycare (he'd prefer shorts) and it is causing some challenges. We know it is just a phase, but a difficult one.

4. Between work, parenting, fitness and preparing for our Boston trip next week, life is becoming a tad stressful.

5. I am thankful for the 40 minute walk I got in after work today. It helped clear my head and gave me a bit of exercise before Vic and the kids came home. I will take exercise where/when I can get it.

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Mary Jo said...

I'm sorry everything is so stressful! It's a lot to balance, isn't it?

And just because I know about morning meltdowns and clothing. Do you think Fynn might have some sensory issues. When Evan was smaller, he would have complete meltdowns over clothing. Going from shorts to pants at seasons change especially. Or bumpy socks. Or wearing jackets from short sleeves. But he had other issues, not just clothing. Toe walking, making noises when he chewed food. So sometimes it is just a phase.
But if I hadn't been a teacher and worked with children with sensory issues previously, I would of been at a total loss at the time! His meltdowns had me in tears some days!

Hope you can have a nice, relaxing trip!!