Monday, September 05, 2011

summer vacation: a list

Elizabeth Dillow who's blog and scrapbooking style I adore, had a great post about her summer vacation in list fashion.

I looked at Vic tonight after dinner and said "I'm a bit blue that it is Labour Day." How the heck did summer pass so quickly, but when I think about all the stuff we did, it is no wonder it flew by. Gone are the days when I used to spend my summers hanging out and generally being idle.

Here is the list of why our summer flew by:

meals on the covered deck (A LOT)
overnight camp for Sophie
20 or so dips in our pool (I counted)
2 sets of swimming lessons for Sophie
1 set of swimming lessons for Fynn
3 trips down to Oliver (July for the family BBQ, early August on the way back from Vancouver, early Sept)
1 trip to Vancouver (Aquarium)
1 visit from our friend Jim
2 sleepovers for Sophie
summer piano lessons
1 hour of French tutoring per week x about 7 weeks or so
bike riding in the cul-de-sacc
pumpkin patch and raspberry tending
running after work
lots of photos
a trip to Greenwood/Kettle River
a trip to the IPE (Fair)
a trip to the O'Keefe Ranch
a trip to the Osoyoos waterslides
shopping for back to school clothes (Sophie)
Fynn's incessant toilet training "poo" issues

An that is just what I can remember off the top of my head.

Onwards to fall :)

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