Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. Sophie is registered in Brownies. She starts next week. A new little chapter in her life.
2.I decided that Fynn needs to be in preschool. I think it will help support his overall maturity. Our daycare offers a preschool program, so it looks like he can start October 1.
3. His 4th birthday is October 10. He will be celebrating it with 4 little friends on October 1 at Junglemania. Little boys need to run wild and this venue is perfect.
4. I have been keeping up with my running. Thankfully the weather cooled just a tad today.
5. Sophie loves her teacher this year. Loves. I am so happy. Last year was good, but hard.
6. Ballet starts this week for Sophie.
7. I am recruiting for 3 management level positions at work right now. Assessing candidates is always challenging.
8. Vic's business is going well, but he still is trying to secure new office space. Nothing is ever easy.
9. The pool is drained. The pool guys come in on Thursday and shut it down for the season. I find this time of year a bit bittersweet.
10. I have been thinking about my old school a lot this week.

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