Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Fynn has been having problems with his bowel movements for the last few weeks. He either will not or can't go, and when he does he usually leaves a small little "package" for me in his underwear. Not the nicest blog post, but a real part of our lives these last few weeks. I have been doing way too much laundry because of this, and he has become increasingly upset.

Finally, I went to our pharmacist Cathy on Monday and explained that I thought he was constipated. She agreed that is what his symptoms sounded like. He was also doing this little silent grunting/crouching. So she suggested a very gentle liquid laxative that we can add to his juice once a day. So far he has had 2 bowel movements in one day! He hasn't had an accident or done his little crouching thing in 2 days. I am hopeful that this was the problem and we have found a solution. The laxative is also non habit forming, so no worries with using it.

His mood seems much happier too. Poor little guy -- he was constipated.

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Mary Jo said...

Isn't it so hard when little things like this pop up?
But it is always such a relief when a solution is found!
Hope it keeps working for him :)