Saturday, July 09, 2011


Today I’m thankful for the fact that Vic talked me into installing our pool when we built our house.

He grew up with a pool as a kid and had nice memories of it.

I grew up spending summers going to Haynes Point beach on occasional Sundays or going to the town pool.

With our own pool steps from our door we have been in it 4 days this week. Sophie and Maggie were in it for over 3 hours this afternoon. I couldn't believe they weren't getting bored but not a chance. Maggie's mom came over to get her at 3pm but she wanted to stay -- so she did.

I look at Sophie and Fynn splashing around - Sophie diving for toys and Fynn riding his "Sharky" and it makes me happy.

We had lunch and dinner on our deck under the gazebo and that topped off a lovely day.

I'm thankful to give my kids the chance to create their own summer routines and memories right in our backyard.

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Mary Jo said...

So lucky to have a pool! I agree :)
We go to the YMCA pool this summer, but it's not super convenient like having one in your backyard :)