Friday, June 03, 2011

Springing the kids from school/daycare early

Every so often, it is fun to do something different with Sophie and Fynn and surprise them. Sophie knew we would be picking her up just after lunch today to go to Vernon. I was seeing a specialist to look at the spider/varicose veins on the back of one of my legs, so we were all going down to Vernon for the afternoon.

My appointment was really good. I spent about 20 minutes or so with Dr. Sanders who specializes in vein treatments. The treatment is covered through BC Medical due to the aches I get in my legs and my family history. I should be done in 2 treatments because mine are pretty minor but his ultrasound did pick up a slight defect in one of the valves (blood flowing the wrong way which causes a varicose vein).

Afterwards we took the kids to Polson Park, then over to Kreative Kaos (a big art / craft show) and finally Red Robin for an early dinner.

Family life is built on routine (or atleast ours is) and every so often you have to bust open the routine and shake things up a bit. We were all supposed to be some place else this afternoon, but having a bit of fun like this is a good way to remind yourself that we were all just where we needed to be (even the awful balloon that popped in the truck on the way home and almost deafened us).

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