Monday, May 23, 2011

May long weekend

We stayed at my parent's place in Oliver weekend (even though they were away on their cruise) and visited with Vic's brother, wife and son who were visiting from Nova Scotia. Vic's mom is soon moving to Maple Ridge so this might be one of the last weekends we visit with her in Penticton.

We took the kids here and they had a fun time. Sophie did the bouncing thing (not sure what it is called, but she did some back flips in a harness), and did the climbing wall. Fynn and Cairo had fun getting wet on the bumper boats and then Vic and Adam took them on the go-carts. Fynn's face was priceless and they zoomed around the track.

Later we took Grandma to Denny's for dinner. The following day we visited with them again and did a playground trip. Later that night the 4 of us headed back south and went to Diamond Steak. I love it here. We tried Campo's but the wait was too long. Diamond Steak has great food, service and it has just the right amount of noise level that the kids can be themselves (although we warned them to be on their best behavior).

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Mary Jo said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend with family! :)