Sunday, March 27, 2011

Disney trip 2011

We arrived in Disneyland last Sunday, March 20 and returned home on Saturday, March 26. Here are the highlights (and low lights):

Highlights:We stayed overnight in Vancouver and visited Granville Island in the morning before we flew out. Crepes at the market were amazing. Sophie's Cosmic Cafe for dinner was also good and the service was great.

Lowlights: there are not enough tables at Granville Island for people to properly enjoy themselves. I think the eating area needs to be expanded to accommodate guests. The other lowlight was the stay at the Granville Island hotel. We have stayed there before and it is uninspiring. It is only saved by its location.

Highlights:Flight on the way home was actually quicker than scheduled. Sophie and Fynn are good travellers and can sit relatively quietly watching TV on the plane.

Lowlights: Fynn was airsick on the flight down to California. He threw up his lunch which was comprised of chocolate milk and a few other things. I was not prepared with a change of clothes so the poor guy had to sit in his pull up and socks for the remainder of the flight. When we had to take a detour to Las Vegas for about 30 minutes to let the weather in LA settle down (strong winds) we put Vic's sweater on him. We were not allowed out of the cabin so we all sat there (and I was praying that the smell from Fynn's vomit wouldn't gross people out). We had bagged his clothes up in a plastic bag as securely as possible. Did I also mention Sophie was carsick on the way down to Vancouver? I did laundry 3 times in 7 days. Between the vomit and Fynn's accidents (with #2) I was busy at night keeping clothes clean.

Highlights: Seeing the Aladin show in California Adventure and World of Color. These were two "new to us" attractions and it was fun to see something different - amazing displays! We also saw the major construction that is going on for Cars Land. Very excited to see that open up (scheduled for 2012). It is going to be huge by the looks of it.

Lowlights: This is the earliest we have been to Anaheim so the weather was still sketchy. Our first day had rainy periods and then it never really warmed up past 16 degrees for the remainder of the week. Capris and short sleeves were the extent of the "summery" wardrobe.

Highlights: We ate off site as much as possible. We were impressed with the service at Mimi's, IHOP and Denny's which are all across the street from Disney. Prices are much more reasonable of course than on site.

Lowlights: Due to it being Spring Break the crowds were as big as we have ever seen. Since we had been before we didn't feel the stress or pressure of getting on a bunch of rides, so we took advantage of Fast Passes and planned our rides accordingly.

Highlights: shopping at MainPlace Mall. It is only about 15 minutes away from Disney and I did a little work clothes shopping at Nordstrom's. You really can't beat their service. Most impressed. Loved that Build-a-Bear in Downtown Disney has introduced a lower priced, smaller bear series called "Small Fries". Sophie and Fynn each bought one (Sophie with her own money) and they also each selected an outfit. Clothes and bear came to about $18 which I thought was fair.

Lowlights: crummy service at Bumba Gump's at the CityWalk at Universal Studios. Vic complained. Enough said.

Highlights: we listened to our tour bus driver and followed her instructions on the best route to follow when doing Universal. It was really helpful and allowed us to see/do all the attactions we wanted to do. My favourite would have to be the Simpson's Ride. We also enjoyed the promotion around the new movie Hop that Universal was doing. Hop the bunny was walking around. I know it is all marketing, but it was good fun. Universal also had some of the gang from Scooby Doo wandering around and the costuming was great.

Highlight and Lowlight: La Brea vanilla lattes. The best lattes but their prices are exhorbitant.

Highlight and Lowlight: Vancouver airport is truly beautiful. It was always pretty but since the Olympics the aboriginal theme is even better. Lowlight would be ugly LAX.

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Mary Jo said...

Glad you had a great trip despite the lowlights :)

And I definitely agree about Granville Island. That was one of our stops with a friend and her son who are local to the area when we visited last summer!
But we had a good time none the less :)