Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Not a great photo of Sophie but it captures what she is up to each evening.

She is responsible for reading her daily reader plus working on her 5 dictee (spelling words) each evening.

We have also hired a tutor, Madame Susie, to help Sophie on Tuesday and Wednesdays after school for 30 minutes. Susie is a wonderful tutor and Sophie is all smiles when she is with her. Both her teachers have remarked that they have noticed the improvement in Sophie's confidence in class since the tutoring began last month. I can't say French Immersion is "easy" and I do think both parents have to support it (which in our case we do). It does take effort, but we think it will be worth it.

Her higher scores on her dictee each Friday also support that the tutoring is working. Both Vic and I place a high value on school so we want her experience to get off to a positive start in Grade 1.

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