Thursday, January 13, 2011

go, go, go

I'm tired. The days are going like this right now: wake up, give Sophie her breakfast, get her to school, work, work, work. Go to the gym, come home get Sophie into her homework, baths, stories and bed. On Tuesday and Wednesdays I've been picking Sophie up at about 3pm from school after her 30 minutes with her french tutor Susie. Susie is sweet and a good fit with Sophie. Sophie is doing okay with her French, but we thought a tutor would boost her confidence and help her out. We don't want her to struggle. It seems to be going well so far.

Fynn is keeping me laughing. So silly and cute.

We are going skiing again this Sunday - 3rd weekend in a row! Yeah for season's passes.

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Mary Jo said...

I'm tired just thinking of your day :)
I think this time of year is just tiring period though.