Monday, January 24, 2011


Sophie loves art. Last summer she took 2 weeks of Art Camp that the talented Michelle Atkins directed. For her 7th birthday which is coming up quickly, Vic and I thought it would be neat to give her an experience. So, since Michelle does some private lessons, I signed Sophie up for an hour and a half with Michelle at our home. I also took the lesson too. I know very little about actual drawing.
Michelle taught us some basics such as lines, shapes, forms, and shading. We learned about contour lines and some simple things about drawing faces.

It was fun! I would love to do it again some time. Michelle is sweet, gentle and knows a lot (she also teaches art at one of the local high schools). Sophie had fun and we got to do something together.

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Mary Jo said...

I wish I could find someone like that around here!
Sounds fun and I think Evan would love it :)