Thursday, December 09, 2010

Day 9

How I start my day. Every. single. workday.

Non fat vanilla latte from this place.

I needed it after the morning I had. Sophie woke up with an earache. The kind of thing I didn't want to send her to school with. So I phoned her daycare but because she is part of the out of school afternoon program, they can't due to licensing regulations have her in their care during the daytime with the younger kids.

Moment of panic at 7am. I thought quickly of who I could call. I took a chance at 7:10am and called Dory a super nice woman who is retired from the daycare and has watched the kids a few times. She knows Sophie well. Luckily she was at home today. I'm not sure what would have happened if she was not going to be available since I had meetings at work. We would have juggled something I'm sure but it would have been tough. Then I needed to figure out how to get her a prescription for her ear infection. Fortunately our doctor is a good friend and I called her on her cell and was able to get a prescription phoned in. Crisis averted.

In other news, the tooth fairy wil be visiting our house later tonight. Sophie lost her first tooth eating a Purdy's Chocolate Santa. She is quite thrilled to have reached this milestone.

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Mary Jo said...

Glad it all worked out this morning.
There have been many a morning where one or other of the kids have been sick that I thought, how would I have done this if I was working. Especially since some days lately I've felt a pull towards working again.

I hope you are able to relax today knowing she is safely taken care of thanks to you!