Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Day 7

Time. That slippery thing that is don't seem to ever have enough of. Today was an almost 12 hour day with respect to work.

I dropped Sophie off at her school early (which she actually loved since she got to hang out in the classroom with her teacher) and then headed out to Sorrento to do a presentation for 8:30am. Then back to Salmon Arm for a full work day followed by a credit union Board meeting at 6pm where I was doing another presentation. By the time I got home it was just after 7pm. Thankfully Sophie had done her homework with her afterschool daycare staff member so she didn't have that to worry about. I had some time to give the kids their bath and read them a Christmas story before bed.

I managed to get all of my Christmas cards stuffed, stamped and sealed.

Tomorrow is another day. One day at a time.

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Mary Jo said...

Oh my goodness, what a busy day for you! Glad you were able to relax with the little ones :)