Wednesday, December 01, 2010

and so it begins...the countdown

I hung up the little mini stocking advent calendar last night and put a tiny little tree ornament in it for Sophie and Fynn.

So begins the countdown. I've taken the week before and the week after Christmas off from work to spend some much needed down town and quality time with these kidlets. With the dark, short days it feels like time is zooming past.

Just need to breathe. Prioritize. Not baking (not that I ever did a lot anyway). Ordering online where I can. Just waiting for my Christmas cards to arrive from here.

Taking a photo a day for this.

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Mary Jo said...

Such a good idea to take time off around Christmas. My husband usually saves a few of his vacation days for this time and I am always so happy he does!

I was just commenting to Jenny that we use a little advent countdown flip book I made a few years ago but it's still in storage due to the basement renovation. All of our Christmas stuff is and I really want to start decorating!