Monday, November 22, 2010

the cold season

the cold season has begun. the mailbox was frozen shut when I tried to open it tonight. we have had a bit of snow, but mostly cold, cold weather. the kids are bundled for school and daycare with mittens, hats, boots and big jackets.

while this sounds really crazy, Vic and I are continuing our running. he is dragging me out because my first inclination is to NOT do it. he bought be some cold weather running gear. it is a must. and yes, it makes a big difference. thank you, dear.

we ran on my lunch break today because if we wait till 5pm it is too dark. so, with -8 and -16 with the windchill we ran 5km today. and yes, it was cold on the face but my body was warm including my ears. it felt SO good to run and do this.

i have been feeling the seasonal cloud of angst that comes with the dark days and not getting enough sunlight. it made a big difference in my mood. my job is too stressful(in a good way) to not exercise, and even if it wasn't I would still exercise anyway. here's a photo montage of 3 months of running so far.

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