Thursday, October 21, 2010

resting day

I had my tubal ligation today. Went into the hospital at 8am and was home at 4pm. The surgery was in the morning, but because of the general anasthetic I was so out of it and sleepy until about 3:30pm. When I woke up the first time at around 12noon, I looked around the recovery room and couldn't believe I was done since the last thing I remember hearing was "we are going to give you something to relax you." Well, relax it did, because I was out cold.

I'm still kind of groggy and have some gas pains (from the gas they insert to blow up by tummy), but other than being a bit tender on my incisions, I'm doing pretty good. I have tomorrow off work and I'm going to use it as a time to get caught up on some stuff at home.

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