Wednesday, September 29, 2010

these are the days....

Fynn is finally in his Duck Red Cross preschool swim lessons. It took a couple of failed starts this summer with classes not filling up and then being cancelled, but finally he is in his fall class. He is really starting to enjoy the water. I find it relaxes him and he becomes quite peaceful - a nice little change.

Sophie is full on with school. She had her class photos today and then tomorrow it is ballet again. She takes tap and ballet each week.

I love that the kids stay busy, but I do find it a bit of a grind when I take time off work during the day to taxi them around. Next week I'm off to a conference for 2days in Vancouver so dad is the go-to person for a little bit.

I passed my World at Work exam this past Saturday, so I've completed my 3rd course of 4 towards getting my Work-Life Certificate. Always another mountain to climb!

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