Wednesday, September 15, 2010

settling down

After the first couple of weeks of school, things start to settle into a rhythm. Sophie seems to be settling, becoming more comfortable and our routines are becoming established once again. The bus incident from Monday has been less on her mind, and she is back to trusting in the process that she will get on the bus in time. She also knows that in the odd chance, for some reason that she does not, she knows what to do. I think she actually has a little pride in the fact that if she did miss the bus again she has a strategy in place for dealing with it.

Fynn is extremely cute - and he knows it. He is coming out with the most adorable expressions these days. He has moved over to the 3-5 year old side at his daycare and he is holding his own with the older kids. He is learning some new social skills and also the ability to nap with 15 other kids (yes, I bow down to the daycare workers who put 15 kids to sleep at once).

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