Saturday, August 28, 2010

the perfect Saturday

Staying at home. Highly underrated.

We had a nice Saturday. Fynn was on his new run bike and Sophie has been zooming around on her two-wheeler now without training wheels. About 11am, our neighbour Maggie came over, and last I checked it is almost 8pm and she is still here. She went home for a couple of hours over dinner and is back again for a sleep-over. It is all good. Her and Sophie get along very well and keep each other entertained.

Vic and I started a Friday evening ritual of a walk/run before the kids get home and we do about 4 km or so. Before dinner today I did the same loop again myself (walking) and it felt very good. Some steep hills that work the calves extremely well. I am also loving the cooler weather.

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Mary Jo said...

I agree. Staying at home is underrated.
I did take the kids out a bit this summer, but we also found ourselves having some really great stay at home days.
I didn't feel as much pressure to go and get out.