Thursday, August 19, 2010

10 on Thursday

1. Fynn got that look as we were eating dinner. The look that says I'm about to do something in my diaper. I ran upstairs and placed him on his potty. Out came "a snake" in Fynn's words. Big yelling and whopping and rewarding with chocolates and phoning daddy at the gym. Yes, big news in our house.

2. Sophie's last day of swimming lesson is tomorrow. It's getting harder. She's been up to the challenge.

3. Summer head colds are not fun. Especially when mom gets them.

4. Vic's pumpkins are growing like crazy.

5. We will have pumpkins for Halloween.

6. The smoke is so thick here tonight -- forest fires up north.

7. Doing the Grouse Grind has inspired me to want to be more fit again.

8. I took back every single (like 17) library books we had last night. It felt freeing to not worry about possible overdues.

9. Fynn has discovered his love for Dora the Explorer. Sophie has to watch the DVDs now whether she wants to or not.

10. I finally hit the 21st century and have one of these. I've never even had a cell phone really, so this is a big step.

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