Sunday, July 11, 2010

a wedding, a wasp's net and a waterpark

How is that for alliteration?

Yesterday my co-worker Robyn was married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at her in-laws home. It was crazy hot so as soon as the wedding was over, the 4 of us went back home and had a pool dip while we waited for the reception at 6pm.

The reception was held in a big outdoor tent at her dad's place in Tappen. A very rural setting...again, beautiful with horses, rolling hills and WASPs. After we had dinner Fynn went for a little walk up to an old swing set. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted him picking up something that looked like a paper ball. In that half a second my mind registered what it was and realized he was handling a wasps nest and it was live! He started screaming and he unfortunately received 2 sting/bites. It could have been much worse. A wasp also got me and my foot is now nicely swollen :(

I scooped Fynn up and went back to the tent and our table and announced to Vic that we had to go...Fynn was screaming and I was hobbling around on my foot.

Much ice later Fynn settled down nicely and as you can see from these photos he had a great day at the waterpark. Honestly, that little boy will be the end of me.

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