Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toy Story 3

We went to this movie today. It was really well done and had a bitter-sweet ending. I won't spoil it for others who might want to see it.

In other news, I took Sophie and Fynn to the United Church service this morning to check out their children's programs. Sunday school is winding down for the summer but I wanted to ease Sophie in particular into the idea of us going to church every now and then. For me, it is more from an educational standpoint. Regardless of what you believe, there are so many references made to biblical text, quotes etc as you go through life, I think it helps to have some foundational knowledge. I'm not expecting biblical scholars or anything, but some grasp of the fundamentals would be helpful in life, I think.

For today they just had some craft activities and a short children's story -- that was just right.

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