Tuesday, June 08, 2010

coming up for air?

June is a busy month! I've had a lull a bit this week, but I can tell it is reving up again for the final few weeks of school and with the nicer weather lately it is time time get caught up on some yard projects so Vic's been busy with that. Poor guy, he's doing grocery shopping at 9:30pm at night. We do stay on top of our staples but it never seems to be enough.

With Sophie's field trip to the Science Centre in Vernon next week that I'm chaperoning on, her French play, a much needed haircut for Fynn (and one for myself), a post-op doctor's appointment for her belly button (grr, I have to follow up since they haven't called me back), plus a teacher's gift it just gets a bit too much. I was at the Community Centre at 8:15am this morning to register Sophie and Fynn for swimming lessons. They are taking the later sessions in August this year. It just worked out better with our summer holidays and Sophie's art camp. Because Sophie is 6 she moves into the "level" classes for swimming. No longer in the preschool - Crocodiles, Whales, etc. Too bad, I liked those cute names.

I really hope the summer is a bit quieter than this past school year.

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