Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ticking stuff off the list

Well, since I last posted:

- we got the rock for our landscaping...yippee! It is now at the front of our house in a big pile waiting to be placed where it needs to go.

But, haven't gotten Fynn's haircut yet or taken the clothes to the consignment store.

In other news:

Sophie finally has a surgery date for her herniated umbillical (belly button). We are taking her to Kamloops hospital next Tuesday morning for the short surgery. She was pretty upset about it when we told her, but I also asked her daycare teacher to chat with her about it and it seemed to calm her down as her daughter had some minor surgery too and Sophie really looks up to her. We are trying to downplay it, but also not lie to her about it either. I had to cancel her swimming lessons that were set to start next week, but will reschedule for July. She'll need to keep the area dry for a bit.

Fynn is a character. He came home from daycare yesterday and said, "mommy, I got in trouble today." I asked him what happened. He said, "I was throwing rocks into the house (dollhouse ??). I had to sit on the special chair." We think Fynn really struggles with his impulses to do some little boy "naughty" stuff yet always feels bad about it afterwards. He's really been testing his boundaries lately and trying to feel his way around with what is okay.

My friend Paula came over tonight and helped me pick out fabric for our new bedroom drapes. I needed a second opinion, and Paula has a great eye. We came to the same conclusion on one pattern/colour, so the next step is to ask Linda to order the fabric.

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