Wednesday, March 17, 2010

show business

Well, my show business career continues :)....

Last night I flew down to Vancouver to be up for my 9am video shoot in a studio near Granville Island. My day started out fine until I realized that I had left my make up bag at home and only had lipstick with me. Off to grab a taxi who found a 24 hour drugstore nearby where I could buy 4 makeup essentials (mascara, cover up, eyeliner and some shadow). I still had time to eat breakfast and make it over to the studio in time.

Filming a professional video clip is hard work! Wow, it took us almost 3 hours to film 1.5 minutes of a video clip for our HR awards presentation. My co-creator of the project, Maureen and I realized how hard it would be to actually be a news reporter. We had no script, no cue cards or tele prompter. Just some general talking points that we were asked to cover. Half the time we would get it wrong or get tongue tied and need to start over again. We also had to stand in one spot (on our "mark") for a long time and my thighs became totally cramped up. I also couldn't wear my glasses since they caused too much glare on camera but fortunately I could still see the green mark I was supposed to be focusing on at the camera.

I think we ended up doing a pretty good job, but it certainly gave me a bit of insight into how hard it would be to do something live on air. The director/producer who did our piece was very good. He has done some horror and sci fi productions (I hope that isn't any indication of how our clip will turn out).

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