Wednesday, February 17, 2010

that terrible sinking feeling

Oh, I did a doozy today.

I had a meeting mid afternoon which meant that I couldn't take Sophie to ballet, so Vic did. Normally I would drop her off and pick her up. However, since Vic was dropping her off at ballet, I was out of my routine (and I REALLY count on routines lately).

At 4pm my meeting was wrapping up and I went sauntering back to my office. My phone message light was flashing a message from Vic saying he had dropped Sophie off at 3pm and he was heading back to his office. OMG! It was now 4:05. Ballet ended over 35 minutes ago. All I could imagine was Sophie sitting in the studio crying her eyes out. Her worst fear about being forgotten by mommy completely realized. She will NEVER trust me again. I phone Vic, no answer. I phone daycare asking them if she by chance happened to get dropped off over there (not sure who I was thinking would have dropped her off). I got in my car and raced over to the dance studio.

Inside were the Grade 1 students have their lessons. And there at the back sitting on a stool was Sophie "assisting the teacher". Mrs. Wonnacott who is a dear woman said that Sophie was fine and had been happily helping her out. Her teacher had figured that I had gotten tied up and took Sophie under her wing. Sophie proclaimed that she wants me to be late more often because she gets to watch the older girls use the barre, which is cool. I felt so terrible, I just hugged her and told her how sorry I was. I then walked her over to Pharmasave and bought her a little outfit for her new Webkins. Major guilt.

She seemed to really take it in stride. Later I had my gym class which I let her attend with me (still feeling guilty) and she and Fynn came out to my Canadian Parents for French meeting, which we had to leave a little early from due to a very poopy and stinky diaper on Fynn's part. I didn't think I should subject the poor parents to anymore of his smelliness.

Nice to be home now and relaxing and the day's craziness is just a distant memory.

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