Thursday, February 04, 2010

much too much

Today was my day of CRAZINESS.

- woke up at 5:40am so I could get to my fitness class;
- at 6:30am got back home because I needed to get showered and dressed as
we were all leaving the house at 7:30am today so we could get Sophie over to the daycare so she could catch the daycare van to her school;
-at 8am Vic and I head up to Kamloops. I had a workshop to attend and Vic had some running around he needed to do up there;
-at promptly 12noon Vic picked me up from my workshop so we could head back down to Salmon Arm again (just over an hour drive) as he had to get back to work and I had to get to a meeting by 1pm (which I knew I would be late for and was okay with that;)
-he bought me a latte from Starbucks and a flax bar because we knew we would both miss lunch so that is what we ate on the way back to Salmon Arm;
-get to my meeting for 1:10pm -- didn't miss too much
- work, Vic picks me up at 5pm with the kids;
-back home for dinner and then I was off again at 6pm to meet the consultant who is working with me on some HR staffing plans right now. We had a productive session from 6-7:30pm at which time I needed to get back home so Vic could go biking;
-7:30pm bathe kids, read stories, help Sophie figure out what she is going to wear for her birthday tomorrow (she is over the top excited about that)
- 9pm - sit on the couch and breathe ahhhh...

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Joanne said...

You made me tired just reading that...Wheew!

Happy Birthday Miss Sophie! Wow!
Hope you had a fantabuous day and a half!
Uncle Scott, Aunty Joanne & Jackson