Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Planning ahead

Back in late summer, I read an article in a magazine about a college application / educational counseling service called IvyWise.  Since that time, I read more about them with the idea that some early planning would be good for Sophie as we will be navigating college/university admissions in a few years. Both Vic and I made some costly and time consuming missteps in our early post secondary education, and we want the kids to avoid this if possible.   I sent some emails and had a free introductory call with IvyWise before Christmas.  After filling out their online questionnaires (one that Sophie completed, and one that I did), we had our first 90 minute Skype/phone call today with Sophie's new counsellor, Amy.  We learned a lot today about the college admission process in the US (we want Sophie to keep her options open), but Amy also is experienced with Canadian universities as well.  Amy asked a lot of great questions of Sophie and Vic and I, and for an exploratory meeting, I think had some good take-aways.

I'll post more about this as we learn more and get more of a detailed road map to help Sophie as she makes her plans over the next few years.

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