Wednesday, August 26, 2009

tonight: a guest blogger

I'm handing the reigns over to Vic so he can write about his bike trip.

But, first a photo of Sophie and her buddy Mikayla at tonight's final Wednesday on the Wharf concert series.

Tour de Kootenay. Myself and three friends have had a yearly cycling trip in mind for few years now. While Doc A and Paulo have gone before, this is the first time that all four of us have managed time off at the same time. This is no small feat as Rob, Roger, and myself all have young families. The four compadres consist of myself (aka Vincenzo), Rob A (aka Roberto or Lance), Roger P(Contador), and Paul S (aka Paulo). We headed out early on Sunday morning for Hylcon Hot Springs in the West Kootaneys.

The trip took just over 2.5 hours and includes a 30 minute ferry ride across Arrow Lake. This part of the Kootaneys is amazing. A huge, crystal clear lake, towering mountain ranges on either side of the lake (Monashee and Selkirks), and hundreds of kilometers of well paved VERY lightly traveled roads.

It took us mere minutes upon arriving to check-in, throw our gear in the cabin, and saddle up. Thanks to Paulo and Rob (the two stronger riders - Paul is a freak of nature. An amazing cycling talent and he's the old guy at 59) we were off like a shot back to the ferry then north towards Revelstoke. The highway towards Revy is challenging. At apx. 50k out I decide to turn back and head for home. Roger joined me and the two seasoned vets continued on for another 10kms or so. That night was...interesting as my body settled into the affects of a hard ride. The accomodation was very good for an isolated back-water and the hot pools were outstanding and much appreciated.

Monday we decided to take it easier and headed for Nakusp, 35k due south. There were a couple of interesting decents, a waterfall were we stopped for a look around and converse with some of the local colour. Nakusp is a tranquil little town. After a coffee break it was off to Needles. Roger and I once again made an early turn and came home with about 80kms. Our final day of cycling took us from Nakusp to Fauquier and back. It was a good ride of varied terrain(120kms.).

The great part about the trip was the ability to completely unwind. No schedule, no kids, no demands, no cell phone coverage!!! (yippee) It's nice to come home, though. Fynn came right over, sat in my lap, and showed me his latest toy car he borrowed from day care. Sophie had to get in on the Dad action and promptly piled herself on top of both of us. Off to the salt mines tomorrow.

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