Sunday, February 22, 2009

Value Village find

We took a trip to Value Village today to find a retro outfit for me for my 80s staff party in a few weeks. I found a lovely (?) sweater dress with a big slouchy belt and Sophie eyed this little treasure.

It was only $3.99. She has seen them in stores before and has asked for one, so when I saw this in perfect condition, it seemed like a sweet little deal.


Joanne said...

Very Cute! I remember wanting one when I was little too!

Wow! Value Village, really!
Can't wait to see pictures of the outfit.

Mary Jo said...

An 80's party sounds fun! You better post photos :0)

michelle_d said...

I found a super cute Raggedy Andy doll at Value Village last week! He's in great shape. $3.99.

Can't wait to see the 80's photos!