Tuesday, February 17, 2009

does this sound like you?

I borrowed this little quiz from this book I have on loan.

Check all that apply.

- you secretly wish you had your own apartment.
- if you have to play Go Fish (in my case, Candyland) one more time, you will poke your eyeballs out.
- you feel guilty that you like going to work so much.
- you consider a trip to the dentist your special "alone time" (lately it has been trips to have a colonoscopy and hemmoroid removal)
- reading before bed feels like a luxury (YES!!)
- you find that browsing the aisles at Target (Zellers, Walmart, anywhere) by yourself is better than therapy.

Sophie and Fynn, I do adore you.


Mary Jo said...

I knew exactly what book you were talking about before I even clicked on the link.
I have that book!
It was a fun read and made me feel so much better about my off days

Joanne said...

Look at those, bubble-heads in the tub! Baths, those are another forgotten luxury for Momma too!

Susie said...

You read my mind...