Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fynn at 15 months

Fynn is now 15 months old.

He is walking! It is so adorable to see this little person walking around the house and then kind of stumbling over.
He has had a stubborn itchy skin thing going on for months. No creme, including prescription seems to be zapping it out. I'm back to unbleached diapers to see if that will work.
He loves yogurt, cheese and Timbits (go figure).
He loves his trucks, especially his ride-on dump truck.
He loves Clifford the Big Red Dog.
He loves his bath.
He doesn't like getting his diaper changed.
He is both delighted by and tolerated by Sophie.

We love you, Fynn.


Mary Jo said...

So many similarities between him and Erin :0)
He is adorable!!!

Joanne said...

Cute little ragamuffin...
Jackson loves his plain Timbits too!