Tuesday, November 11, 2008

date night

BSF (before Sophie and Fynn) Vic and I went to the movies once a week. It was our "thing". Since Fynn was born, I don't think we have seen one -- okay maybe one but that was when we brought Sophie and found a sitter for Fynn.

We have been having a hard time getting a sitter, so we were very happy when we ran into Nicole on Saturday working at a lighting store here in town. She recognized us since we used to live across the street from her family in our old neighbourhood. She is about 20 and has just finished up a college program and still enjoys babysitting. She still sits for the 3 little boys that lived down the street from us.

I got her business card from the lighting store and we called her this morning to see if she could watch the kids for a few hours while Vic and I went to a late matinee and then grabbed some dinner at a brew pub. We had a great time and she was wonderful with Sophie and Fynn.

BTW...the movie was eh, not so good. Fairly good special effects for the war scenes, and it tried to tell an important story about Canada's efforts during WWI, but the poor excuse for a love story was just bad (bad writing, some bad acting).

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