Monday, November 17, 2008

birthday update

I turned the big 41 on Sunday.
Wow, I never imagined turning 41 and having two little ones.

Anyways, it is all good.
We were at my parent's place.
Vic spoiled me with the Barbara Walter's memoir Audition (it is a delicious book about her life) and a beautiful necklace. Plus a really nice dinner out -- without children :) thanks to my mom's babysitting.

My SIL Joanne also got be a couple of fun magazines. So, I'm definately set with reading material for the next little while.

Here are some photos of us enjoying the playground on my b'day.

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Jenny L. said...

Yay for great birthdays. I'll be 41 soon too. :) You make it look good. I too, never imagined 41 with little ones! Funny how things change, huh? :D
I want to know about Audition. Any juicy tidbits?