Monday, September 29, 2008


I feel like I'm whining. Not my best quality, but lately it seems it's the first few words out of my mouth.

The latest:

- Fynn has come down with Pink Eye or some weird conjunctivitis. I had him in at the doctor's today and he has been prescribed some strong drops. Poor little critter.

- We are living in a hotel. I shouldn't complain. Vic negotiated a screaming deal ($50/night) from the manager (a friend of his). We are in a suite, but still it isn't our home. Our microwave is the size of a large shoe box. Or is that the fridge.

- Our dear friends Bryan and Patti thought they would surprise us last night by dropping off a home-made dinner to our new place. Turns out we weren't there when they showed up (we were at the hotel). We ended up having a nice dinner with them at their home. Perfect leftovers for today, too.

- Fynn's party that I had planned for this Sunday has been postponed a couple of extra weeks to allow the dust to settle (literally) at the new house.

- The trim kit for the new microwave is missing. Sears ordered it twice. Still MIA.

- Sophie's Lands' End shoes that I ordered are one size too small. Back they go tomorrow. Bummer...however the little jumpers are so cute and will look great on picture day this week.

How was your day?

1 comment:

Mary Jo said...

I feel like I'm whining a lot, too lately and grumpy.
But you have a good reason because your life is a little more disordered right now.
How nice to have friends bring dinner! Such a treat :0)