Tuesday, August 12, 2008

this n' that

:: Wherever we go, Sophie must touch/ride/become "one" with inanimate objects.

Here she gets on a giant turtle at Minter Gardens on our holidays.

:: I got my exam marks back on my World at Work course and managed to score 96%. Very happy and glad that is over with.

:: I'm trying out Bare Essentials Mineral Veil. I ordered a small travel size from Sephora. Gotta jump on the mineral makeup bandwagon.

:: Paula and I are pricing items for our garage sale this week. This is our first real garage sale. Should be interesting!

:: I'm visiting the dentist next month to inquire about teeth whitening. It's my treat to myself before I go back to work. All the coffee I've drank to keep myself awake during this mat leave have left some yellowish stains. Vic had it done a couple of years back and it worked like a charm.


Jenny L. said...

I want to see how the teeth whitening goes. I could stand to do it myself. I love the ceiling in your kitchen.

I think it is a kid thing that they must stand, climb, etc. on any inanimate object they come across. This includes balancing on curbs.

Katy said...

Let us know how the whitening goes.. :).
I love the sense of adventure kids have.

Joanne said...

I keep wanting to get the Mineral Veil whenever I am in Sephora. Tell me how it works for you.
Congrats to you on your 96%.. way to go!
Oooh, I love garage sales! Good luck on clearing it all out!